Womb Woman Cleanse

Womb Woman Cleanse

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Fibroids are a widespread issue among Women of color, leading to pain, heavy menstrual flow, and fertility struggles. PCOS and endometritis are further weakening our reproductive organs. This detox package is an essential first step in restoring health and eliminating toxins, allowing the colon to be cleansed and assisting in shrinking growths and cysts.

Fibroids & Cyst Shrink- Fibroid and cyst shrinker is a Herbal plant based formula safe to shrink ovarian & uterine tumors and cyst internally and externally. This formula supports dissolving benign tumors throughout the entire body.

Whole Woman- Herbal formula to support women's overall health including breast, womb, and vagina.

Colon Flush- Colon flush is the best, effective, and safe herbal supplement helps stimulate peristalsis (bowel movement) in addition to cleansing, repairing, building, toning, strengthening, rejuvenating, and rebooting the gastrointestinal tract in general, the colon (large intestine) in particular.

Nourishment- A super greens formula created to provide vital minerals natural chlorophyll 

Whole Food Nutritional Formula:

Fibroids & Cyst Shrink- Turmeric, Kelp, White Oak bark, Dandelion root, Yellow Dock root, Burdock root, Suma root; Chaga mushroom, Maitake mushroom, Shitake mushroom, Red Reishi mushroom, Galla Chinensis, Irish Moss, Cayenne fruit, and Goldenseal root.

Whole Woman- Organic Red Raspberry leaf, Moringa leaf, Organic Rose Hips, Organic Nettle leaf, Sea Buckthorn fruit, Organic Suma root, Organic Spirulina, Organic Irish Moss, Organic Bladderwrack, Shilajit

Colon Flush-Organic Senna leaf, Cascara Sagrada bark, Fennel seed, Psyllium husk, Turkish Rhubarb root, Black Walnut hull, Chamomile flower, Cape Aloes leaf, Organic Licorice root, Organic Ginger root

Nourishment-Organic Moringa Leaf, Organic Alfalfa leaf, Organic Kelp, Organic Nettle leaf, Organic Spinach leaf, Parsley leaf, Organic Wheat grass, Okra; Organic Barley grass, Organic Spirulina, Organic Japanese Green Matcha leaf, Lentein, Chlorella (cracked cell wall), Organic Kale leaf and Organic Broccoli powder.

Made only with the best, wild craft herbs. Free of Artificial Ingredients or fillers. No eggs, shellfish, peanuts, wheat, soy, animal products or derivatives.






Cleanse Schedule: (Adjust to your liking)

Formula 1 -  Whole Woman (100 capsules)  7:00 A.M.   (5 capsules)

Formula 2 - Fibroid & Cyst Shrink (100 capsules). 11:00 A.M.  (5 capsules)

Formula 3 - Nourishment  Formula (100 capsules)  2:00 P.M.  (Take 5 capsules)

Formula 4 - Colon Plus Formula (100 capsules)  6:00 P.M.   (5 capsules)

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