Rasheeta Joy "Her Story"

Rasheeta Joy Fields September 9, 2011 terrorist attacks occurred and I decided to serve my country and joined the US NAVY.  I played sports in high school and college was expensive. The Navy taught me discipline and how to be a leader.

Two years after being in the service my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. This was a nightmare and difficult to understand. I felt like we ate healthy. I went to her chemotherapy and doctors appointments which is an experience that is heartbreaking. There were many doctors but there was one doctor that gave us a list of foods that can cause cancer, and surprise surprise there were so many foods we ate daily on the list. As a family we made a diet change, more whole foods, less processed foods, no red meat. With a diet and lifestyle change my mother lived for another 10 years. We were students of Dr. Sebi and holistic medicine. 

In college during my nutrition class the American Cancer Society facts sheet stated that, A person that engages in 75 mins of intensive physical activity decreases the risk of cancer by 50% . I needed that information because all my family was dying of cancer and I felt that I must do something different otherwise I wouldn’t be changing the curse. 

When my mother passed, I told myself I need to be accountable for my health and fitness. One year later I became a personal trainer and nutrition specialist.  When I became dedicated to the gym my body started to change. I had muscles, my butt lifted and I was feeling sexy. During my moment of self love and discovery, women started asking me for help. This is when Pretty Pumped Fitness was created.

Helping women live longer.