Men's Wellness Kit

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Men's wellness kit has four herbal blends to cleanse and nourish male reproductive system provide stamina, energy, and mental clarity . This kit was highly requested. Please read: 

Colon flush is the best, effective, and safe herbal supplement helps stimulate peristalsis (bowel movement) in addition to cleansing, repairing, building, toning, strengthening, rejuvenating, and rebooting the gastrointestinal tract in general, the colon (large intestine) in particular.

Use this as a cleanse for the colon at night before bed.

Black Seed with Vitamin C is a powerful combination for immune system support . Black Seed fights inflammation, congestion, and assist in lowering blood pressure.

Whole Man Herbal formula to support men's overall health. Herbal multivitamin for daily use. 

*Male Libido Sexual enrichment Herbal formula to support the male sex drive a.k.a prowess. Male aphrodisiac that promotes energy, endurance and a healthy male libido.

DIRECTIONS : Take three (3) capsules with water or fresh juice. Use daily or as needed. For optimal results, take thirty (30) minutes before or after a meal. 

Male Libido must taken 45 minutes prior to intimacy.

Take the colon flush at before bed. 

Customer Reviews

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Loudson Charlot
On a healthy mission.

This is exactly what I have been looking for to help boost my needs as I’m building my body up and getting up in age. I stumbled across these products via IG and I didn’t hesitate to buy. Now I’m loving these products like love at first sight.

Man, oh man…treat yo self, fellas!

This woman has done a number with these plant pills. Upon looking at the ingredients, you can see it’s all-natural in the truest sense. Everything she uses comes naturally from the ground. Now for the effects…WOW! That colon flush will have you needing a few extra minutes in the morning to get ready because IT WILL EMPTY YOU OUT. Your energy levels will be supported throughout the day (mine were), too. From sexual prowess to general sense of well-being, this one-stop-shop elevates everything about your experience as a man that you want elevated and eliminates everything you’d want gone. If you were looking for or considering any sort of supplements then THIS is what you need.

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